The idea behind a theme is to connect the colors to a theme. Something happy and fun. I was thinking owls but they are just so old and overused in the nursery themes today, so i hunted for a while was thinking jungle in general with lots of animals. Then I thought harder and wanted it to be fun for me and my daughter, my favorite animal is the Giraffe so that’s where the idea started then I hunted some more and found that it has been used but not as whide spread as the owl is. So that’s what I picked. Some different art that inspired me to select this theme are shown below.

I like this first image for the texture given it is an image of a wall sticker that I would purchase because I rent my home I can not paint the walls and this will add well needed contrast to the dark green wall paint.

This image is more abstract using shapes to create the giraffe’s silhouette and I thought it would be purfect for a nursery but still add the touch of sophistication I am looking for.

This image just caught my eye and eye catching things are good to help encourage a babies mind to grow and learn.

Just how sweet is this? I love the fact that the mother and father are in this image helping clean and nurture the baby giraffe.

Black and white textures are timeless and infants can see contracting colors like these more than colors of the same hue.

I probably just like the lighting in this one and it is a copyrighted image from national geographic so I wouldn’t be able to use this one but it really is very cute so many down the road I could purchase it from somewhere as well.

So in conclusion this week, You should pick something dear to your heart that you won’t get tired of after 6 months, or even longer. Something from your childhood and just stick with colors. I Love this idea now I need to create a style board and add ideas to create a unique and streamlined look for my daughter’s nursery.



Welcome to my blog for the month of May, 2012. I have been looking for some inspiration for my foster daughter’s nursery. I went around and selected a color palette first. My favorite site to look through for color selection is they have a wide variety and I can select in the browse area a hue that I am leaning more towards.

First off let’s start with the wall color. I currently rent my home and can not paint in the rooms so I need to find something to match the dark green wall color that the owners picked out when they painted the house. So I select a hue of green. Then generically most people associate pink with the female sex and I wanted to stray away from the normal with this design scheme. I like purple I think we will look and see what Colourlovers bring into light with green and purple (or as they call it violet). So far I have green and purple, now knowing that I may not be adopting this child and will have children of my own down the road I want to bring in a third color to depend on more than the purple, since it is not gender neutral, and this third color will be more of a back bone than the purple but I want it to pop a little more that the purple, so I think I’ll try yellow and see what we get.

These are a small selection of the over 30 pages the site gave me to chose from but i found one that I am leaning toward so I stopped looking and took a screen shot for you. Although the are all nice I love the top one. It does however have four colors and I only wanted three so the far left will not be used, it is more of a baby green than the walls in our baby room. The reason I like the purple and yellow in that palette over the other ones shown are that the mature tones allow for growth of our baby and allow the decor to still look nursery-like while she is an infant. I figure if I had to let someone sleep in a room with these colors they wouldn’t die from brightness even at night. LOL, but instead would calmly go to sleep or read or whatever someone growing up would need to do as they age. I’m sure she will not keep the color or decor forever but longer than just until she is 4 and wants to redecorate… that is what I would like to avoid, if at all possible (since this is my first child I will just have to find out).