My name is Ashley Michelle Wilkinson, I was born in 1986 which makes me 25 years old. I graduated High School in 2005 and was unsure what I wanted to do with my life so I started college and choose Computer programming as my degree, then a year later switched to Psychology, and recently in August 2011 I applied to Full Sail University pursuing my hobby of Graphic Design. I have been doing freelance jobs with websites and graphics since High School and had been afraid of making my hobby my job. Worried I would one day be bored of my hobby and hate my relaxing hobby if it became my job. So getting over this was a good step and now I am currently in Digital Story-telling Class and it is actually the reason for this blog.

Recently my husband, Anthony, and I took in our cousin who was 2 weeks old In November of 2011, and she is now 6 months old, but when we got the news we had no idea how much work it would be and now 6 months down the road I am finally working on our nursery. I thought that since I am working on designing a nursery I would do this blog about nursery designs and look around at a lot of different styles that the nursery could lean toward. There are so many different do it yourself projects I thought that I might share and work on myself and let you know what I think of them. Maybe you would like to do some of them yourself when its your turn to decorate the baby room of your dreams. We didn’t have the traditional “nesting” time while the mother is pregnant so I’ve been slowly working on it and building it up. Let’s build and research together.

And without further ado, I hope that you will enjoy and feel free to comment on my blog as i go through this month in my class and evaluate the difference between print and logo design.



About amwilkinson

I am a college student at Full Sail University. Studying Graphic Design, This month our main project is to create a blog talking about something in the design industry. So here I am and I'm ready to chat!

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