Next is the research for do it yourself projects these things keep a large project much more in budget. You can look at many locations for DIY projects and find lots of options, but you have to select these for yourself. It’s not something someone else can find for you or tell you what is best for your design. A nursery is for you more than your baby at newborn ages cause they don’t see much more than 10 inches in front of their faces. Here is how to set up a template for curtain rods you knock holes in your walls all at the same place so they don’t look uneven and weird.


While some things are best to do yourself some things you may want to buy, I suggest using or some site that would be similar. Apartment therapy is a good site for DIY projects or design ideas. They have a large variety of projects and a fun way of getting the information to you.


Some of the project I will be using are listed below:  – SHAG RUG – COVERED NAME – VINTAGE LAMP SHADE – BOOKSHELVES – NAME ABCs


You’ll need to pull together your own resources and make some choices to which projects you have time for or which is better to just buy the equivalent of from a retail shop or something. Try finding some projects that you can do on the weekend not projects that will take days and days. Especially if you have a daytime job and will only be able to work on the weekends.


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I am a college student at Full Sail University. Studying Graphic Design, This month our main project is to create a blog talking about something in the design industry. So here I am and I'm ready to chat!

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